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Email: Phone: +91 789 913 2203 | +91 807 380 7655

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Bridging Arts and Technology

 A platform beyond bridging gap between technology, design and creativity which encourages students to explore how visual or data design can be enhanced through new technologies leaning towards project based learning.


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    Diploma Courses

    1 year Certificate / 2 year Diploma

    Vastu Approach to Interior Design

    Vastu based Interior Design certificate/diploma course is a comprehensive one-year/two-year program designed to provide students with with job ready skills and knowledge necessary to plan, design, and execute interior design projects.

    24 weeks coursework (online)

    Certificate in Elements of Vedic Architecture

    A gentle introduction to elements of vedic architecture exploring the ancient wisdoms of building construction through traditional science of architecture researched and developed since Vedic period in the form of different scripts.

    Degree Courses – Design

    B Des (Honors) University of Mysore

    Bachelor of Design (Digital Architecture)

    Architecture design is fast changing to embrace new technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM) with computational and parametric design methodologies. With urgent requirement of professionals having the skillsets to execute projects based on these technologies, we at AIIT aim to give these capabilities through our project based modules with emphasis on both design and fabrication skills.

    B Des (Honors) University of Mysore

    Bachelor of Design (Vedic Architecture)

    Vedic Architecture is a traditional science of architecture researched and developed since Vedic period in the form of different scripts. This ancient Vedic architectural knowledge, which is a part of Jyotish, explaining various laws of structures are also known as Vastu. Our seers worked on the science of Vedic Architecture since time immemorial and gave this divine gift to mankind in the form of Vedas, Puranas, Itihasas.  


    Degree Courses – Computer Applications

    BCA (Honors) University of Mysore

    Bachelor of Computer Applications (Cyber Security & Data Science)

    Cyber Security program focuses on providing relevant skills on cyber protocols with knowledge in identifying and defending cyber attacks from networks, data, and computer operating systems. This is a project based skill development program. Data Science focuses on methods of analyzing data and examining available information to form conclusions on the basis of specialized systems and software. 

    Students are expected to be confident on basic programming techniques and mathematics. 


    BCA (Honors) University of Mysore

    Bachelor of Computer Applications (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)

    Decision making across industries now rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This created an exponential growth in the adoption of AI-ML technologies which in turn opened up large demand for engineers skilled in these technologies. Companies are increasingly automating their business processes to remain relevant in their core technologies. Machine learning is a key component of AI that enables their systems to learn from data which in turn enables automation. 
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    • Integrated Masters Option Available.
    • Job Guarantee.
    • Admission Through Digital.
    • EMI Fee Payment Scheme.
    • Merit based Scholarships.
    • Multiple Entry/Exit.
    • Architecture Admissions without NATA.
    • Lateral Entry for Digital Architecture

    The AIIT Curriculum


    At AIIT College we set the curriculum that incorporates skill-based learning which enhances creativity among students.

    They are better able to grasp and learn new skills at an early stage of their careers and when exposed to new experiences through skill development, they become more creative and imaginative.

    Meet Our Teachers and Administrators

    Our Expert Instructors

    Ar. Sunny Daniel

    Faculty, B.Arch- IIT Kharagpur M.Arch (Digital Architecture) VTU

    Ar. SaiKiran R Shet

    Faculty, B.Arch ,M.Arch (Digital Architecture) VTU

    Ar. Thanisha Changappa

    Faculty, B.Arch, M. Tech( Urban and Regional Planning)

    Ar. Dhruti Vala

    Faculty, B.Arch, M. Arch( Digital Architecture) VTU

    Anuradha Venkatesh

    Administrative Officer

    Sunita Amingad

    Admission Officer



    College Events

    Vijayavani Mini Education Expo - 2023

    Acharya-IIT team at Education Expo showcasing academic degrees on offer

    Karnataka Samskrit University

    Acharya-IIT team meeting to discuss about Vedic Architecture with honorable Vice Chancellor Karnataka Samskrit University Chamrajpet Bangalore

    Machine Learning For Architects

    Experience architecture (XA)

    Bangalore Students Visit

    Social Skilling

    Rural School Visit

    Social Skilling

    Blind School Visit


    "It's an institute with innovative ideas with qualitative approach, I am highly relaxed and satisfied after admitting my son here, thanks to complete management of Acharya institute"

    - Satyandra K

    "Great institute with highly qualified faculty members and it was so satisfying to see the state of art academic set up.. Thanks AIIT"

    - Hader C P

    "New courses for the younger generation, very innovative thinking mainly faculties are excellent and well-designed course structure"'

    Varsha L

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